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OVERKILL最後に観たのいつでしょう? もう7年くらい前ですかねぇ。メタル氷河期に突入したころに、シアトルへやってきたんですね。 ほいでもって、そのときの連れ(日本人♀)とライブへ行ったですよ。 その連れに聞いた話、

その連れは、♀ながら酒豪。 とにかくいろんなライブへいっては、ナショナルアクト(テレビ局で言えば、全国ネット。←解りにくい説明やの)バンドのライブへ行って、つるんとバックステージへ他の連中とすべりこみ、メンバーと飲んでしゃべってべろんべろんってなことを繰り返していた。




まー、日本人の♀がメタル系ライブハウスでうろうろしてることがめずらしいから、メンバーから逆に「コンニチワ~」と、おそらく日本に行ったときに学んであろう日本語を駆使して話しかけてくることがあるんですが、あんまりメンバー全員知らなかったりするバンドだと逆に恥じかいちゃいますよ。 あんた誰?態度とったりして。

そういえば、前述のHAMMERFALLがそうだった。。実は、シアトルにDEATHとツアーにやってきたときに、あっしはDEATHを見に行ったのだ。でもHAMMERFALLを知らなかった! NEVERMOREのワレル(英語だとウォーロゥって発音するけど、ワレルのほうがなんかおもろいよねぇ。)に、「ええぇ~、日本でポピュラーだぞ。」って言われて、あっそうなのか、って知ったくらい。 だから、メンバーの顔なんぞ知らない。

で、ライブが終わって、バーの外に出たときに、前に停まってたツアーバスの前に突っ立てた、ベースのマグナスくんに「コンバンワ~」とか、声かけられたんだっけ。 昔LAに住んでたとき、日本人の彼女がいたとかで、へんな日本語覚えてたな。 「ワタシト、XXタイデスカ?!」には参ったけんど。(そんな言葉教えんな、日本人よ。)

ああ、暴走してしまった。 今日はこのへんで。

English Translation
I keep forgetting to translate into English. I don't think any English natives read these articles. Anyway, here we go.

It's only a week from Today. It's a show with Overkill. I'm just a blog mistress (web mistress?) for this blog site, but I'm nervous a little.

When was the last time I saw their show? It was about 7 years ago. They came in town when it was becoming Metal Ice Age. I got a story I heard from my old friend ♀ back then.

She was a heavy drinker. Everytime and everywhere she goes to see some national acts in the shows, she gets in the back stage, and had a drink and chat with the band member.

So did she, with Overkill member when they were in town. She was especially flirting with Bobby, which she insisted she wasn't, but Bobby told her,

"I'm married, though.."

She told me, "I knewwwwww it!" I assumed that she didn't realize she did flirt with him. Or Bobby's self-consciousness?

Well, it rarely happens for local people to find that Japanese girls are hanging around at Metal shows and the bars. So, we, Japanese girls are rather picked up by some band members who have been in Japan, using all kind of Japanese language skill they got. It's a kinda embrassing when you don't know the band member's face. My attitude was like, "Who the hell are you?"

It was exactly like that when I first saw Magnus from HAMMERFALL. (Sorry Magnus) When they came in Seattle with DEATH for the US tour, I went to see DEATH. I didn't know HAMMERFALL at all. Warrel from NEVERMORE said to me, "They are very popular in Japan!" Really? That's how I learned about the band. I didn't know their faces.

When I came out of the bar, I met Magnus of HAMMERFALL, who was hanging around in front of the tour bus. He suddenly spoke to me like this, "Konbanwa!", Good evening in Japanese, I think. He used to have a Japanese girlfriend when he lived in LA a long time ago, so he knew a lot of bad Japanese words and sentences.

I was pretty knocked off when he said, "Do you wanna fxxk with me?" in Japanese. Dooo noooot teach him such bad Japanese, folks!


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